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Tooling Up

Posted by David Wolffe on

We're just back from the latest trip to China again and I'm just coming down from the buzz. This is the 5th visit but the first time I have been with James, our bag designer for the soft form (not the engineering), and his presence added an extra dimension to the already finel detailed discussions on backpack construction.

It was a pleasure to work with the skilful craftsmen and women in the factory. They know bag-making backwards and they are completely committed to solving the problems that go with realising a totally revolutionary new bag design. We spent a couple of days in and out of the sample room (which is where the development work takes place) as well as the factory floor, planning how we will move to volume production.

After carefully preparing each of the components of the wolffepack, we were right at the end of the session and it was time to do the final assembly of this, the next generation prototype. Illustrating all the groundwork that had been done beforehand, it all came together smoothly. The P13 works really well and is clearly another big step forward closer to the next phase.

That meant we are now moving to exciting details like seeing custom labels, logos, zippers, clips designed and tooled especially for the wolffepack. The look of not just a great product, but a finished and polished product is not far away.

Having agreed the artwork for the tooling we are already starting to sample photos of the custom zipper pulls and other hardware. The vision we've had about the cool metal touches seem to work really well and I can't wait to get my hands on the real things!

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