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Posted by Richard Emanuel on

custard factory blog 1

I come from Birmingham but I've lost most of the accent which has its ups and downs. The upside is that I don't have to endure the boring Brummie accent jokes, but the downside is that I feel disloyal to my home town, which has so much to offer.

For example there is a buzzing tech hub in the regenerating part of the city centre. The Custard Factory is a hot address in town, and yes, it was the Bird's custard factory. Now it is home to young companies like ShopifyBuilder who I've asked to build the website and ecommerce platform.

The web designers are project-managed by Emma-Jean, who won me over with passion for the job and my product. Both help! They are all full of ideas and enthusiasm, and with the power of the Shopify platform some great possibilities emerge on how the website will look and feel.

We've been doing a lot by Skype but sometimes you have to sit together, where we can make live changes and decisions on the spot. It is amazing to see ideas come to life on a screen in front of you. That's been the huge buzz of this whole project; having an idea, visualising the outcome, and seeing the creation in front of you. As a way to spend your time working it is hard to beat.

I leave feeling confident that the project is going to deliver the simple, clean, but content-rich website I had imagined, but one that communicates the wolffepack's unique benefits as directly as possible.

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