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Design & Space 1

Posted by Richard Emanuel on

We've got a really full work schedule. On the list is a combination of performance niggles and some new ideas about how to improve reliability and the user experience. All in all there is a lot to fix on the P11 and P12 prototypes.

I sweat with Edward and Richard in the Dalston studio. Space 1 is the now very familiar name of their working area. It is not number 1 for the fine paint finishes, not in a Dalston basement, but it has been an inspirational space.

I am off to China next week for a few days at the factory so a lot needs to be ready. As has proved to be the case so many times in our partnership, I go into the studio wondering how we'll solve the problems, and come out inspired by what we came up with.

More solutions in grey matter emerge. We've actually come up with even more invention in how to move the bag around and I've decided to file for even more patents on the back of our work. Having cracked the principles we then reproduce the ideas in CAD before hitting the print button to send for 3D printing.

In a couple of days we'll see the new components from the 3D printers as if by magic, and all being well the next visit to the factory will be another big step forward.

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