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Off to the East

Posted by Richard Emanuel on

hong kong skyline

Loaded up with components and tools, we set off for the factory. I'm meeting James there. I have to travel via Hong Kong, which I always find exciting. It is the most crowded and one of the most expensive cities on the planet. At times it is like scene from one of my favourite movies, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner.

The density of the building is quite amazing. It is just an indication of the intensity of human activity. Hong Kong used to stand for cheap and cheerful. Now the whole of the southern China region is an economic powerhouse, not only competitive on cost but also with outstanding quality. In fact, the cost battle is moving to places like Vietnam, so this area has to compete on quality, and quality is why I came here.

The factory have been fantastic in partnering this development, and if this visit goes like the last few, then we are approaching the end of the phase of samples and prototypes. We are moving towards mass production. We are getting closer to revealing our innovation to the world.

There is a lot to share and I can't wait! Let's see how the next few days go....

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