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China High

Posted by Richard Emanuel on

This is about a product and design development high, no other kind of high. It's just been a great end to the trip and I'm feeling more positive than ever.

This has been another intense week in China. There is so much ground to cover to bring a new product to the stage that it can be made to work, economically, and at scale. The guys in the factory are amazing. We always bring a pile of ideas, suggestions, improvements, changes, and the team at the factory absorb it all, and come back with answers, many better than I had imagined. We've asked for better fabrics, tighter construction, more functionality, and they keep finding a way to do it.

I've brought a brand new set of components for the P13 prototype, and we are working towards assembling them with the new sample for the Concept A bag that the factory have been working on. There are endless details to get through, and we can't afford to gloss over anything. It starts to look like we may run out of time before we have to leave for the airport.

The big money moment is when the bag gets assembled and the wolffepack functionality works. I'm really not sure we'll get there this time and be left with a dissatisfying set of question marks. The persistence pays off though. We end the week by assembling all the components afresh to see if it all works.

BADABINGBADABOO!!!!! It's working smooth as silk! The factory team look delighted. I'm super-excited. We've just validated the new components and the improved construction.

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