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Squid Mentoring

Posted by David Wolffe on

I'm meeting Mark Young, an old boss and an extremely wise head, for lunch. He also knows wine, so I need to watch out or the afternoon is toast.

I find taking advice from all sides incredibly helpful when you are on a mission that is driven by you, makes total sense to you, but consumes you totally. We meet for lunch in a cosy and informal Italian restaurant in Soho called Polpo, and over a bit of very nice squid and linguine I get challenged with some very good and simple questions. What are the critical factors for a successful Kickstarter? Have you got a headline message of how much better the wolffepack is? Don't you already know where the weaknesses are in your plans?

I leave the lunch with a full stomach and a head full of thoughts. Importantly though, a few critical things are now clear in my mind. The launch plan, pricing, and my timetable are all straight. Now I've just got to get out there and do it.

Thanks again, Mark!

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