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Testing an Invention

Posted by Richard Emanuel on

I visit SATRA, an amazing organisation born out of British manufacturing history. It was originally a collective set up by a group of shoemakers as a trade federation, and has changed into a centre of technology for testing products, safety assessments, and generally clever product insights. They are still an independent not-for-profit body full of technologists who love what they do and know loads.

I see miraculous testing rigs that fold, rub, twist, flex, break, dissolve and generally try and destroy all manner of everyday objects. Some of the equipment is still in use from the day HM The Queen came to visit in 1965. That's quality!

We talk bags and my idea and all the consumer pitfalls. The team are full of enthusiasm for the product and the concept, but also generous with wise advice on how to make the wolffepack as robust and useful as possible for ordinary consumers.

I leave brimming with helpful pointers but greatly encouraged that there the consumer testing issues are well in hand.

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