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Boxfresh and Branded

Posted by David Wolffe on

The excitement is really building this week. Now we have the bag design work complete, with materials selected, pocketing optimised, and brand logos in final form, we've committed to making the custom zipper pulls, metal hooks and logos that go together to make a finished product. It is in these late stages that progress seems to rocket ahead as you move from something that looks like a prototype to something that looks like it is in a store, ready to sell. The plan has been to get the final samples from the manufacturer this week, assemble the components, all in good time for the video and photo shoot next week. The box has arrived and inside is Christmas! The custom components look gorgeous. The textiles absolutely look the part. The construction looks top quality. And the logos! Seeing the wolffepack brand properly embossed onto the product is a total thrill and it is hard to believe we have come this far. I must calm down because I've got a stack of organising to get down to this weekend in advance of the shoot. We need shot lists, equipment, access, and most important of all, breakfast properly planned!

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