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I'm a Model...

Posted by David Wolffe on

This has been an amazing week. We decided that, since the wolffepack sample from the factory was looking so good, we would go ahead and schedule a day of shooting. The fully finished and branded version of the wolffepack backpack has custom gunmetal zipper pulls, fully embossed brand logos and badges inside and outside. It looks the part (I would say that, wouldn't I?) Actually, lots of people said that this week, which was great to hear. We need still and video images for the website, soon to go live, and PR and marketing. So we booked a highly respected photographer, Jason Alden, a real talent and a great bloke. On board we also had Paul Wilkinson of Nuw Creative, a highly experienced video producer and director who has worked on some global brands like MTV and Sony. With the modelling talent of Bradley Stainton to top it off we were all set for a great day. Also with the help of Matt, Mick, Rick, Jake, Tim, Liam, Edward and Richard, we had a full and fabulous crew. We descended on the Goodwin Hartshorn studio in Dalston with all the equipment, including the biggest roll of paper in the world, which now I offically own. Using a number of locations on and around the Dalston site, we managed to capture all the material we need. It is a special feeling seeing your own creation under the spotlight, getting the focus, the attention, like a real catwalk model. It is hard to believe we have got to this stage. Probably the best moment of the day was when the building's front desk man saw the backpack demonstrated for the first time and wanted to buy one on the spot. If only we had one ready to sell right now. Soon, soon.....

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