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Fantastic final result on Kickstarter

Posted by David Wolffe on

The intensity of the effort of the Kickstarter month has just ended and it is time for a moment of calm reflection. Looking at the cold hard numbers the success is plain to see: we've gained 413 backers (many placing multiple orders), raised over £47,000 in funding, and beaten our target at 157% performance. On YouTube there have been over 20,000 views to the Wolffepack channel with all its content. From a standing start with no marketing budget that is a fantastic achievement.

But in many ways it is the softer aspect of the last month that has more impact. Before we launched on Kickstarter, there was no way of knowing the potential response of the crowd to a totally new proposition. It could have been a deafening silence. It could have been dismissive. Instead, we've had the most resounding and positive shout from around the world, and that's more important than anything in terms of the future for Wolffepack.

We've had a massive amount of positive PR coverage from across the globe. Major newspapers have picked up the story. Bloggers from Japan to Brazil have written about it. The story appeared on fashion websites, innovation pages, cool design sites, gadget zones, sites for bags and bikes. The amazing and exciting fact is that people all over are interested enough in this revolutionary idea to want to write about it, share it, and take a look for themselves. The website traffic has been really interesting too. Not only has there been high interest from the US and UK, but we've seen big spikes from Russia and the FSU republics, a strong response from Germany and central Europe, and in East Asia there has been lots of attention in Japan, Malaysia, Korea, and Singapore. Language clearly has not been a barrier to the simple appeal of the Wolffepack.

On Sunday evening, when Kickstarter all wrapped, there was good cause for the artisan beer that was cracked open to mark the occasion. All in all, a resounding 'yes' from the crowd echoes in our ears and lifts us as we head forwards to the next chapter: volume production.

Bring it on!

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