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ISPO Munich: Our First Trade Show

Posted by David Wolffe on

It's been a busy month or so, and with all the activity there hasn't been much time for reflection. But it's worth a moment to look at how far we've come, especially recently. 

Last month was our first trade show and a big milestone. It was a test to assess the reaction and feedback from potential buyers and partners in the backpack and outdoor businesses. 

In a funny way, seeing the show stand come together was also a microcosm of how this whole, amazing project has progressed from just an idea, from just a blank sheet of paper.

This is how we ended up......

.....but this is how the stand started....










...then the stuff got dumped in there....










....and then we got properly organised!










 It's all very well having a shiny, red carpet but it doesn't achieve much if the product doesn't hit the spot, so armed with our new samples, an enthusiastic team, and some good coffee, we waited to see what 4 days at ISPO Munich would bring in visitors and response.

With passion and energy from Mel and Louis on Team Wolffepack, it was a fantastic experience. We had over 120 meetings on the stand, including visitors from Japan and Korea who had come to ISPO just to meet us.

There is always a moment when you hold your breath momentarily as you watch an important new user or potential customer try out your long-nurtured creation. Well, breathing resumed and the feedback on the Wolffepack was a huge endorsement of the proposition (Better access, more comfort, greater security) and the user experience. One Scandinavian distributor said "A truly exceptional product". A Chinese retailer remarked "One of the most interesting products at ISPO". We had people telling their colleagues and associates to come over to our stand to check out the Wolffepack. Realising that recommendation and word of mouth are in play gives us real confidence in the long term potential of what we've started.

As a result of ISPO we now have discussions in progress for distribution across over 20 territories, and we are engaged with a range of retailers, distributors and licensees.

The 4 days of the show flashed by, and we were still generating leads and opportunities right up to the last minute. We could have gone on longer, but for the fact that the stand had to be torn down, and the fact breakfasts at the hotel were starting to get a bit repetitive and needed reinventing...

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