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Patent Granted!

Posted by David Wolffe on

When the idea of the Wolffepack first took root, and I first started thinking about protecting the invention, actually getting a patent officially granted seemed a long, long way off.

Well, it is a fantastic feeling to be able to say that right now I am the proud owner of a fully granted patent! I've graduated from the title "Pat Pending" to, well, actually I'm not sure if there is an equivalent. The learner driver 'L' plates have come off, to be replaced with nothing but the quiet satisfaction that the judgment made all those months ago was justified.

Back in early 2013 when I first met the patent attorney, I had to come to a view on the likelihood of success, and time and effort required to get a patent grant. Without the protection from the patent, it would have been a much more risky venture, so this was a hugely important question and milestone to pass.

Well, his advice proved right and we are into a new phase. With the successful grant of the first of many patent applications we've made, it looks like our patent collection is set to grow!

It's been a good month too, for the fact that we've had some great media coverage again. Maisha Frost from the Daily Express came to see us at ISPO, found our story interesting, and has done a great piece in print and online.

That means we've had 4 UK national newspapers cover our story so far. It's great vindication of our belief in the appeal of the product, the degree of our innovation, and the unusual path of our journey. However, we don't yet have product in stock and it is a completely different question as to how real sales will go.

Still, for now, I can see that we've really have clocked up miles and this is so much more than just an idea.

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