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Proper Production

Posted by David Wolffe on

If I stop to think about this, it could be overwhelming.

I've dashed straight from Germany and the trade show directly to the factory in China to spend a couple of days reviewing production before heading off to the long-planned family holiday in Turkey. It is all a mad rush and I don't really have time to think about the reality of what I'm doing and what is happening.

As I tour round the factory I'm stunned by what I'm seeing. There are piles of Wolffepack sub-assemblies completed, sewing machines busy with Wolffepack work, and finished Wolffepack backpacks building up all around me.

Through all the head-down hard work, I didn't look up to see how far we'd come, until now. It is an incredible feeling to see your own idea, your creation, no longer just something on paper or in your head, but now not only a physical reality, but something that has moved beyond just you to a process that is now beyond your control. It's being created by others now, done their way, a way they know better than you, and at a scale beyond your own capabilities.

It is thrilling, humbling, frightening and unreal, all at the same time.

We have bags being hand-stitched by skilled craftsmen:

Bag sub-assemblies piling up around workstations in the workshop:

Careful inspection and quality control at the end of the process:

And the result is that finished Wolffepacks are collecting in the factory, soon to be dispatched to our Kickstarter supporters and some preorder customers.

Another incredibly busy month has gone by, but these are amazing moments in the history of our start-up.

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