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David Wolffe Bio

David Wolffe, Founder and CEO, Wolffepack Limited

David is the British inventor of the wolffepack® backpack. An engineering graduate from the University of Cambridge, David spent many years in the corporate world of media companies, holding senior positions at organisations including the BBC, AOL and ITV. 

In 2012 he decided to quit his job as Group Finance Director of HMV Group PLC and combine his extensive business experience with his passion for engineering, design and gear, turning his full-time focus to developing an idea he'd come up with a number of years previously.

He had observed the limitations of the conventional backpack for other users and experienced first-hand, as a father of three, the endless requests to get stuff out when on family trips. Those experiences inspired him to come up with the concept of the wolffepack®.

Building early prototypes in his front room, testing, researching and testing again, he created a technology with multiple patents pending. David then pulled together an extraordinary team of designers, engineers and manufacturers who together have helped make the wolffepack® backpack a reality. 

wolffepack® incorporates the unique and patent-pending expetoSYSTEM®, an orbital trapeze technology that frees the pack to swing around your body using super-strong cords. This feature brings better access without the hassle of taking the whole backpack off, more comfort in situations like crowded public transport, and greater security by keeping the bag in view.

wolffepack® launched on Kickstarter in October 2014, raising over £47,000 through the crowdfunding website. Pre-orders can be placed on www.wolffepack.com and will be available in Summer 2015.