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Problems of a typical backpack

Problems of the typical backpack

In a crowded world, the backpack can become the focal point of mass-transit 'traveller rage' if there is the slightest contact. Good citizens prefer not to be embarrassed or to cause their fellows discomfort, but it is hard to see where that pack is when it is behind you.

The backpack can stop you fitting in the small space you had your eye on, be it that ski-lift or that seat that just came free on the train, unless you want to go through the whole unstrapping routine.

Wearing a typical backpack means:

  • Annoying fellow travellers when the boulder on your shoulder bumps and occupies valuable space behind you
  • Having to hold the pack in your hands during your journey to avoid putting it on the floor
  • Putting the pack on a dirty floor during your journey
  • Having to take the pack off when you find your seat on public transport, and then having to readjust all the straps and clothing again
  • Hassle at the ski-lift because sitting on the chair-lift with the pack on causes crushing and squashing, or having to remove and replace the pack altogether