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Reviews and Testimonials

Road Tests & Reviews:

Wolffepack has been road-tested by reviewers who've got their hands on our radical new design and given their opinion:


Gizmag: Going orbital with the Wolffepack Metro

"The Wolffepack Metro is well made and stylish, and designed to take modern life's bumps and thumps on the chin without complaint. And its makers have taken great care to tick as many "useful" boxes as possible."



The Gadgeteer: Wolffepack Metro in New York

"It's worth it. Metro is a must buy."



Macfilos: Wolffepack, the backpack that becomes a chest pack

"I don't use the word lightly, but this backpack is unique."



Press Coverage:

We've had extensive and positive reviews in media around the world. Here is just a snapshot of who's been covering us (click on the image to go through to the Press Review Links):


The Telegraph: Hi-tech backpack that becomes a frontpack invented by British engineer

"We want to be the Cambridge Satchel Company for backpacks."



The Daily Express: A new leader of the backpacks blazes a trail

"The ingenious design allows easier access, greater security and comfort."






Media Quotes:

"The bag design with the radical twist" Daily Express
"Reinventing the backpack" Daily Mail
“A smart new design" Daily Telegraph
"Wolffepack fixes the bag’s biggest design flaw" PSFK Design
"It's a very cool product" Gadgetify
"These clever gents have designed a backpack giving you the best of both worlds" Core77 Design
"Wolffepack solves the biggest problem with backpacks" Trendhunter



 “It looks like magic. I’ve watched the video a couple of times and still am not quite sure how it does it. Bravo!” RB

 “Love love love the product” LS

 “Fabulous - solves a problem we didn’t know we had but completely recognise when it's pointed out.” IT

 “Wow! It’s like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible! Really cool“ LW

 “@wolffepack But this is revolutionary... It’s a space maker and gives peace of mind knowing your valuables are a pull cord away. ‪#Genius” AP

 “Fab. Want.” CT

“What a brilliant innovation! When can I buy one?” MD

“Wow. Impressed. Brilliant.” CL

“J'en veux un!” KT

“Great idea! Very useful for photographers.” AZ

“Wolffepack is very exciting. The product is bang on.” DH

“A very cool product” PT

“When can I invest?” MH

“Great idea. Love the design. Sure many people working in Paris will want one!” BE

“Looks great…very Dyson-esque!!” TW

“This could be the next generation of bags.” SE

‪@wolffepack We are really inspired by the wolffepack. This is the real backpack revolution.” KC

“Sensational. Edison, Dyson, Bell, Baird and.......Wolffe. We will take 4 please.” MW

“I was compelled by the video which says it all and immediately wanted to buy one. How can I get hold of one?” JS

“A great-looking bag with Tumi quality." JD

“I have to say I think this is brilliant. You would be solving a daily issue for me so I'd definitely get one. And to top it all you've got a brilliant name for it! My wife's reaction was similarly positive.” SP

“I must have a Wolffepack….” PW

“Wolffepack does look fantastic - such a great and clever idea. It’s genius.” MN

“I really like your product. Very Impressive ! It is a great idea and a solution to a problem that we have all faced. I'm sure it will be a huge success.” SS

“Outstanding ! I’m sure it will win Design Awards and many followers.” JM

“The pack looks fantastic and I love the name. “ AH

“It looks fantastic - well done! I would absolutely love a couple of Wolffepacks.” ME

“The concept looks very exciting. Witnessing parents pulling food, drink, wet wipes, nappies from their backpack every 5 minutes, I see parents with young children as a significant market. The concept definitely tackles a current problem that exists which bodes very well for wolffepack.” AS

“Very interesting. It is obviously a perfect Kickstarter product.” DA

“I shared the video with some of my oppos here in Dar es Salaam.  Everyone thought it was great. Totally fantastic. Keep it up!” GT

“I cycle. It’s a good idea and a clever design” JS

“It’s a great concept, well-executed.” MC

“Wow - really impressed! It looks amazing!” SF